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Zone de Graff for young graffiti artists

Leveraging talent in service of legal graffiti
This two-pronged project strives to combat illegal graffiti by reducing its frequency and the amount of time it’s on display. It aims to reach out to youths who are current or prospective graffiti artists, raising their awareness of the possible consequences of their actions and offering them gratifying, legal, alternative outlets for their artistic talents.
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The mission of the Zone de Graff artists

To promote self-expression
To prevent and reduce delinquency
To raise citizens’ awareness of this art form

What they do

Introduce youths to legal forms of graffiti art
Host workshops in the region’s schools and day camps
Transmit a passion for graffiti
Offer youths legal outlets for their artistic talents
Teach youths the fundamentals and techniques of graffiti art

Zone de Graff

Zone de Graff holds graffiti workshops in juvenile living environments (schools, youth centers, etc.). The adolescents are encouraged to create frescos at authorized sites and are made aware of the impact of juvenile delinquency on their community. This project gives youths the opportunity to meet graffiti artists who teach them graffiti techniques, enabling them to practice this art form legally.

Zone Dégraff

A non-profit community service provided by Justice Alternative du Suroît, offering retailers, private and public organizations and citizens who have been victims of illegal graffiti an opportunity to have it removed at a very low cost.

Zone de Graff in pictures

Here’s a look at what the Zone de Graff team does with our youth.

Our partners

Justice Alternative du Suroît

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