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CJLP Projet X

Projet X, encouraging healthy occupations

Evening events for teens that spend a lot of time in our parks

Projet X consists of a team of upbeat, highly imaginative activity leaders who visit the parks of several different municipalities to host evening events during the summer. The hosts offer a variety of different activities in an effort to offer the teenagers there healthy alternative ways to spend their time!

Each summer, we reach out to approximately 300 youths. A number of them have substance abuse problems. Our interventions are effective because the youths acknowledge that they consume less in our presence. By participating in the various Projet X activities, the young people discover new interests that they wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise.

animateur de Projet X

The mission of the Projet X activity leaders

To break down cultural silos and alienation
To stimulate self-confidence
To create opportunities for youths to come together
To help young people experience new passions
To be a front-line resource, directing youth toward pertinent services
Guiding and support youths and putting them in touch with various organizations

What they do

Host activities for teenagers in the various parks of the region
Organize sporting, cultural and artistic events
Offer alternatives to drugs, alcohol, juvenile delinquency and other forms of troublemaking
Enable youths to get motivated and discover new occupations

Projet X in pictures

Here’s a look at what our team does in the field.

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Are you interested in learning more about Projet X or participating in our activities?