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Creating positive experiences

Promoting youth development

Creating positive experiences

Promoting youth development

Our mission

Comité Jeunesse La Presqu’Île (CJLP) is an organization that aids in the development of vulnerable youth through outreach programs. We create an atmosphere of trust in order to prevent juvenile delinquency, while stimulating the development of young people’s creativity and self-expression.

Our programs

promoting youth development and community goodwill

CJLP Projet X

Creating positive relationships

A summer evening event for teens that spend a lot of time in our parks. Each summer, we reach out to approximately 300 youths.

Creating positive settings

A two-pronged project aimed at combating illegal graffiti by reducing its frequency and the amount of time it’s on display.

Creating positive environments

Raising awareness of municipal regulations in our parks and bicycle lanes through bike patrols, in partnership with the Quebec Provincial Police (Sûreté du Québec).


Creating positive works

Workshops for creating items from recycled and repurposed materials, offered as an extracurricular activity at high schools in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area.

Creating positive experiences

The goal of our organization is twofold:
  • To address youth-related needs and problems by organizing workshops, focus groups, seminars, patrols and social interaction activities encouraging youth participation;
  • To raise public awareness of the problems facing today’s youths by organizing workshops, conferences and focus groups promoting interaction between youths, parents and other adults.


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Thanks to the exceptional collaboration of Comité Jeunesse La Presqu'ile, the green project obtained a grant that will allow our PEPS sec.3 students to carry out an urban laying hen project on the school grounds!
logo projet vert chêne bleu
Projet Vert Chêne-Bleu
By participating in Projet X activities, young people discover new interests that they would not otherwise have known.
Judith Girouard, directrice générale
Judith Girouard
Through tailor-made activities, young people develop their sense of community and adopt values ​​that will be decisive in their progress.
Caps created by Zone de Graff and the students of Cité-des-Jeunes high school
Another project that Zone de Graff carried out with the students of Cité-des-Jeunes high school! Check out their beautiful caps!
Workshop with youths from Camp Fatima
A little Zone de Graff project involving youth from the Centre Notre-Dame-de-Fatima day camp, who worked on a superb mural all week long!
Zalendy, coordonnateur du Projet X
Team 2021 – Projet X
We’d like to introduce our team members who led the activities in the parks this summer.

They’ve already used our services

Justice Alternative du Suroît
logo MRC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges
Sûreté du Québec

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